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What are the most common problems in a truck's clutch?

Knowledge is power — and as a professional semi truck drivers you need power both in front of and behind the wheel the smoothly navigate such a large beast down the road without difficulty. In order to know your rig, you've got to understand your clutch. So, here are the basics.

What does the clutch do? The clutch controls the power from the engine to the transmission. However, there’s also the clutch brake. It stops the transmission input shaft from rotating, and allows the transmission and gears to line up properly. This puts the transmission into gear when the truck is at a standstill.

You might need clutch service for your semi truck if you experience one or more of the following signs of a failing clutch:

  • Hard clutch: Like Goldilocks, you need your clutch to be just right. Your clutch pedal shouldn't be super easy to push in, but it also shouldn’t be difficult to engage and disengage. If your clutch pedal is acting stiff or failing to disengage, this is called a hard clutch, and it’s a problem you need to get sorted sooner rather than later.
  • Sticky clutch: If your clutch isn't disengaging after you've pushed down on the pedal, it can mean problems with the rod, cable and hydraulic. It’s best to schedule an appointment with your mechanic before the problem gets any worse.
  • Not enough give in the clutch pedal: A hard clutch can also be a factor in insufficient clutch pedal give. Your clutch should have two-inch of space before it engages. Any more or less indicates that your semi truck clutch is in need of immediate repair.
  • Slipping clutch: If you friction plate is worn there will be less material to grab the flywheel and pressure plate. You'll notice this when the engine revs higher than normal when the clutch is engaged. Slipping occurs due to a lack of friction to hold everything tight. Additionally, you might feel the clutch disengaging faster than usual, and the acceleration will be slower—this is a very common clutch wear problem.
  • Strange transmission noise: You know your truck. You know the sounds it makes when it's running well, and the sounds it makes when its not. As a truck driver, the ability to generally diagnose these sounds will go a long way in helping to ensure a properly functioning transmission. Grinding and screeching while shifting are sounds to look out for and could indicate a bad clutch mechanism. Have your rig looked at right away!

What are the signs of transmission problems?

If your truck isn't driving quite right, how do you know it’s the transmission? Here are the top 3 red flags that indicate transmission problems:

  1. Trouble Shifting: slipping gears while driving, between shift revving, or transmission pops into neutral on its own
  2. Strange Noises: clunking, grinding, thumping, humming, and other unusual sounds, especially when the truck isn’t in gear
  3. Transmission: fluid leaks—plus, excessively dirty transmission fluid can cause problems, too

Other telltale signs of tranny trouble include a sluggish clutch—one that stays engaged even after you let up on it—and grinding gears during shifting.

When should I get my semi truck transmission serviced or repaired?

An ounce of prevention is worhth a pound of cure. The second you start to notice anything unusal with your transmission, it's best to take care of it with an inspection right away. Often, if transmission issues aren't taken care of quickly, they can lead to large, expensive repair bills down the road. For example, replacing seals or topping off leaking or dirty fluid might cost hundreds of dollars, maybe as much as $1,000. However, that’s just a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire transmission.

Schedule an appointment and avoid transmission & clutches issues down the road

While DIY is possible, we recommend scheduling an appointment to have your clutch and transmission inspected and serviced.

Turn to OTR Diesel & Heavy Duty Repair, seasoned experts who know how to protect and preserve trucks in Alberta. We provide tailor our services to fit your vehicle and follow the manufacturer's requirements.

Whatever your transmission issues, we have you covered: from the essential servicing to re-building the transmission in-house, installing fully re-built assemblies, to taking care of air leaks.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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Jenn P.
5 Star Review
a month ago

My radiator blew a hole on a Saturday evening; Paddy let me have it towed that night to his shop and went in on a Sunday for a full diagnosis. He was professional, efficient and did a fantastic job taking care of the repairs I ended up needing, in a timely manner. I recommend Paddy and OTR for everyone's automotive needs.

J. M.
5 Star Review
a month ago

Went in for an oil change, found out that the oil pan was cracked and also there was damage to other parts of the car and so it turned out to be a very expensive repair. Took some extra time but was able to get all the needed parts in and car is now working great. Friendly service and quality job.

Blaine B.
5 Star Review
2 months ago

Super Happy I found a great HD mechanic in Red Deer!! Paddy @ OTR was first class in his attention to detail and finding a quick solution to get us back on the Road. We are out of Edmonton and go back and forth to calgary a lot, So having a great mechanic in the middle is perfect for those “just in case” scenarios.

Bradley B.
5 Star Review
a month ago

Fast friendly service! Extended hours! Fair rates!

Ross M.
5 Star Review
3 months ago

Very good mechanics shop.

Rylan F.
5 Star Review
2 months ago

Great service provided, fixed my unit in a quick professional manner. 10/10