Exhaust System Service

Shop Rate: $115.00/hour
Service Truck: $120.00/hour
*($1.50 per KM & 3 hour minimum charge applies)

The Best Exhaust System Service
in Red Deer, AB

Did you know that an optimally functioning exhaust system improves your truck's overall drivability, power and fuel economy? It can also protect the driver from inhaling the toxic exhaust gases which might enter the cab. Below, we cover common issues which might indicate your exhaust system is faulty and needs to be serviced.

Are You Noticing Excess Noise Or Soot Deposits Around The Cab?

It might be a sign of a faulty muffler. A leaking muffler allows toxic gases to enter the driver's compartment and may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and sleepiness. We check the area around the clamps for cracks, rust, and breakage and do the necessary repairs. Where necessary, we can add packed stacks, resonators or change the mufflers. We can replace the mufflers with heavy-duty types and eliminate noise.

Have You Recently Noticed That Your Heavy Duty Truck Has Decreased Fuel Economy?

While several factors may cause decreased fuel efficiency, one of them may be a faulty exhaust system. If the stacks, exhaust pipes, and elbows have crushed portions or dents, there might be increased backpressure due to a restricted exhaust flow.

Even small dents can increase turbo wear and decrease fuel economy.

Are You Feeling Constant Wiggles Or Vibrations From The Truck Frame?

A vibrating mast or truck frame may indicate the muffler brackets are weak and need to be fitted securely. Such vibrations arise when the muffler brackets squeeze against the body. We have the expertise to secure the exhaust system with appropriate mounting to eliminate the vibration.

Where To Get the Best Exhaust Repair Services in Red Deer, Alberta?

If you reside in Red Deer, Alberta, and its surroundings, OTR Diesel & Heavy Duty Repair can service your faulty exhaust system. You can visit our repair shop or call 587-447-8440 to have your questions answered.

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Jenn P.
5 Star Review
a month ago

My radiator blew a hole on a Saturday evening; Paddy let me have it towed that night to his shop and went in on a Sunday for a full diagnosis. He was professional, efficient and did a fantastic job taking care of the repairs I ended up needing, in a timely manner. I recommend Paddy and OTR for everyone's automotive needs.

J. M.
5 Star Review
a month ago

Went in for an oil change, found out that the oil pan was cracked and also there was damage to other parts of the car and so it turned out to be a very expensive repair. Took some extra time but was able to get all the needed parts in and car is now working great. Friendly service and quality job.

Blaine B.
5 Star Review
2 months ago

Super Happy I found a great HD mechanic in Red Deer!! Paddy @ OTR was first class in his attention to detail and finding a quick solution to get us back on the Road. We are out of Edmonton and go back and forth to calgary a lot, So having a great mechanic in the middle is perfect for those “just in case” scenarios.

Bradley B.
5 Star Review
a month ago

Fast friendly service! Extended hours! Fair rates!

Ross M.
5 Star Review
3 months ago

Very good mechanics shop.

Rylan F.
5 Star Review
2 months ago

Great service provided, fixed my unit in a quick professional manner. 10/10